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The 2024 CQ Ranking Manager Thread

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You know how everyone who finishes a WT race gets 5 CQ points. I got curious to see if I could find the highest score from last season by anyone who only got 5 pointers for basically just finishing races.

The highest score I could find was Jens Keukeleire who scored 65 points by finishing 12 WT races and the highlight of the season which was 25th place in 1.PS race Paris Tours.

If anyone manages to stumble upon someone who has done a similar feat that can beat Keukeleires score then I would be interested in knowing about it. I've only checked 2023 so far and only up to around 150 pts. Above that it seems less and less likely to find someone.
That's a crazy stat!

I looked into it for a bit but couldn't find anyone who could outright beat it. There were some that got quite close (or even got 65 + GT) though:
- ERVITI OLLO Imanol (2012): 80 points. 65 from finishing like you said and then 15 more for a 132nd place in the Vuelta.
- BENEDETTI Cesare (2021): 85 points. 2x 15 from GT's and 1x 10 from WC (gives 10 for finishing).
- BONO Matteo (2016): 85 points of which 20 from finishing TDF.
- BONO Matteo (2015): 75 points of which 20 from finishing TDF.

I wonder what the highest score was without a single victory. In 2023 it was Landa with 1165 points.
Edit: Looking into it some more I think that Landa actually has the record.
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There were apparently lots of teams who scored big in the GC or final stages of Oman so this week has also not started well. I'm down four places already before Algarve results are counted and with basically no participation in the other three races this week it looks like it might be another poor week.
That's probably the end of Vauquelin's hopes of being more than an okay pick. Bullet dodged, given that I almost picked him.

More important for the game, however, is what happens to the Ruta del Sol points, given the popularity of Ayuso and Tiberi. After a mildly disappointing Oman and without Martinez, Tratnik (so close to picking him too, cancels out Vauquelin I guess...), Higuita or Pidcock in Algarve, I really need the former's points if I want to avoid cratering.
I have the first 2 in Classic Var and both are rare picks. I am not sure who I would have preferred to win; THJ is rarer but these are Martinez's first points of the season.

no idea how the scoring will work in Andalucia but if Ayuso gets 110 for 2nd then I am not complaining.
A bit of a chaotic day. Many points for Ayuso and Tiberi, however they taste less good than usual. I won't remember that at the end of the season, though.

And Vauquelin starts tomorrow. I didn't see the crash or any footage but I got the impression that he seemed to be quite banged up.