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The Amazing Race to Most Top10 Without a Win - 2016 Edition

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Re: Re:

out since last update: Jesus Herrada, Francesco Chicchi, Karol Domagalski, Brenton Jones

current standings
22 - R. Bardet
17 - R. Costa
14 - Ser. Henao, T. Gallopin, R. Kreder, R. Majka, P. Vanspeybrouck
13 - B. Swift, N. Bonifazio, D. Smith, D. Pozzovivo
12 - M. Finetto, T. Van Der Sande, R. Uran, J. Van Genechten
11 - S. Pardilla, M. Canola, M. Hofland, R. Feillu
10 - A. Delaplace, T. Boudat, A. Fonseca, D. Colli, M. Busato, A. Yates, T. Benoot, S. Chernetckii
9 - S. Kruijswijk, F. Gavazzi, J. Fuglsang, R. Emami, B. Van Lerberghe, A. Kolahdouz, L. Craddock, P. Simion
8 - W. Wippert, Max. Richeze, W. Kelderman, A. Cecchin, C. Barbero, D. Arroyo, B. Mollema, R. Hollenstein, F. Ferrari, B. Bookwalter, G. Bravo, A. Porsev, M. Kolar, R. Navardauskas, R. Downing, M. Sarreau
There's a point I'd like to make about that: while we don't count .2 results, I imagine a rider who takes lots of .1+ top 10s but also takes some wins at .2, probably doesn't consider his season a failure, so the true "winner" in my mind shouldn't have any .2 wins - which would exclude dudes like Baptiste Planckaert.