The battles we never got to see

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Fernandez said:
Gilbert 2011 vs valverde 2015 in ardennes classics
You want to see it so much you want to see it twice!

Contador's 2015 giro form vs Quintana's 2014 giro form vs Nibali's 2013 giro form vs Rodriguez 2012 giro form.

The same thing for the winners of the last four vueltas.

The same thing for the winners of the last four tours.
It's been said waaay up thread but Pantani vs Armstrong in 1999. That would have been the mother of all showdowns.

Also agree on Froome vs Contador at the 2014 Tour.

Uran not having to indulge Wigans at the 2013 Giro would have been good too.

But Armstrong wasn't the Armstrong that we've loved to hate later. Going into the 99 Tour my guess is that he was an outside favourite (coming off 4th at Vuelta), so Lance going head to head with Marco wasn't exactly something that people would have been hyped about, leading up to July that year.

The hype was in 2000 of course (also for Ullrich's return), but alas it didn't turn out to be much of a showdown.