The David Moncoutie goodbye thread

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Arnout said:
David Moncoutie will ride his last ever road stage today in the final stage of La Vuelta. )
Thank you so much Arnout for taking the time to honour a pro cyclist that really does deserve to be honoured.

I read your piece with great pleasure as I have followed his career since 1999, maybe even earlier.

Some people suggested he could have had higher placings that his 13th spot in 2002 TdF, but I seriously doubt it. 2002 saw a general drop in performances among GT contenders as a consequence of the new tests for EPO.
Danilot said:
Moncoutié was a rider whose company I always appreciated in the peloton. I remember a big mountain stage at the Tour de France, don't remember exactly which year but it was during the Armstrong period, when the peloton had blown up into pieces and I had a hunger knock 15 km from the MTF. Although he wasn't in my team and he could have dropped me any second, he rode with me until the finish line and encouraged me on the toughest parts of the climb. Great man, and not just because of his staunch anti-doping stance.

This day had to come eventually. Let's hope cycling can find another rider with the same profile, a rider in love with the mountains jersey who always gets into breakaways to look for a great win.

Au revoir, David.
Awesome story! I doubt that there are many (any?) big name riders left who would go out of their way to do something like that.