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"The Days of our Lance"

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Jun 1, 2011
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Ryo Hazuki said:
"I'm just glad you two were wearing helmets or else it would've looked like to shaved testicles teabagging the sky."


lol that was the best from the first episode - from #2 - "your credibility is falling faster than the follicle count on Levi's head"
Mar 13, 2009
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Days Of Our Lance = GONE!!!!
The Third Frankie has got himself assassinated by Prance Gunderson's goon squad.

Watch it Fabiani.

Damn, this borders on crimes again humanity, oops, mean crimes against humour.

Gunderson wake up to yourself son.
“I’m committed to a contract I signed a few years ago, [but] there’s been no goodwill, no bonuses, nothing. I feel kind of abused for what I’ve achieved.”

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