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The Dog Thread

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Mar 16, 2009
This is Scooter. Actually my roommates dog. but part of pack here in Baja

Here's a pic of my pooch, much like my bicycle he's a hybrid. (Miniature Schnauzer/Alaskan Eskimo mix.)

I consider him to be the little brother I never had, even if I was an expert rider I would never even consider taking him along for one my rides. (It's bad enough I will end up crashing into somebody's finely groomed bushes at some point, no need to take the pooch along for this experience.)
I'll have to call my dog "Mr. 70%" from now on... he became very ill with vomiting and bloody diarrhea, has been in an animal hospital for the past two days. He's on an IV drip and several antibiotics, despite x-rays and various tests nobody knows what he had eaten or what happened. But it looks like he'll survive, another few hours without IV fluids and he would have been dead.

He became so badly dehydrated his hematocrit level went up to 70%, "normal" canine hct is apparently 37-55%. So hence his new nickname. ((Also, naturally I'm making a reference to a certain rider that would be more appropriate in The Clinic.)

Anyhoo, despite the horrendous vet bill I'm glad the little guy will make it.

Re: aye!

ebandit said:

aye!..........she's a greedy begga........her food is hers...and my food is

hers too..............so she thinks

Mark L
Hon, the pictures you take of her she basically looks like the Hound of Baskervilles. (Which I'm pretty sure she is not, unless you trained her that way to be. Did you?)

If I ever saw her I'd feel perfectly comfortable approaching her, and then seeing if she wants my food I'd share it with her. (That's if I'm actually hauling any food as a bicycle person.)

ebandit said:
...........thanks! TR......sadly my dog is poorly trained but no trouble she really is gentle............unless she

is chasing cats/men on motorbikes

your cute dog ain't so fat.....................my dog looks hurt if i forget to fuss her for a few minutes or

take a bite of something..........without sharing!

Mark L
What do you give her as a treat?

I usually give my dog a baby carrot when I'm about to leave the house (which may account for his somewhat orange-ish coat), and then I just leave some sort of sports tv on when I have to go to work.

He always seems to survive and be alive by the time I get back.
Re: sarnie

ebandit said:
ha ha! what will the dog not eat........it's a strange thing i always give her something

whenever i pop out......that could be doggy stick/biscuit or just a little dry food

she shares just what i eat breakfast just now peanut butter/banana sandwich

apple...........sadly even my savoury snacks!

yesterday on our walk i jumped across the flooded burn but alas the dog was

too fat to jump after/too disdainful of water to follow so i had to jump back

and backtrack

Mark L

ps post brekky the dog is collapsed across my lap
My dog has a weird appetite for hard candy, but doesn't like popcorn. (He's just about the only dog I know who doesn't like popcorn.)

I took this pic just now - while he's pretending he hasn't stolen a piece of candy (it's in his mouth, and I know it), I'm pretending I didn't just trim his facial hair. (In the interest of appearing all aero, and stuff.)

Right, so being the loving dog owners we are (I'll include you cat people as well in this one), we need to watch for tumors. Especially as your pet gets older.

I bathe my dog myself, so I am aware he has a tumor on the inside of his hind right.

I told the vet about it, he did a biopsy... turns out it was just a fatty tumor.

Most of the time it may be that, but some of the time it may actually be cancer. So, you know, do what you need to do when it comes to that, and let your conscience be your guide.
Re: love

ebandit said:

good advice TR............of course we love our pets..............my life

has been enriched by having my fat friend in tow

Mark L
Awwww... that is just about the sweetest bouquet I've ever seen. Do you mind if I take it and give the real lady a carrot instead?

Or, how about we give her a whole vegetable bouquet?


(You'll have to excuse her, she might be a bit gassy afterward.)

PS - My dog actually likes cauliflower, but does not like broccoli. I have no idea where I went wrong with that one.