The gender of cycling fans.

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Jul 17, 2009
Susan Westemeyer said:
And I was the first to vote.

Are we talking about women posting here following male cycling. real question no disrespect..
Apr 20, 2009
Susan Westemeyer said:
There is only male cycling? Women don't? ;)

But yes, 95% of my work involves men's cycling.

One would think that women don't from the paucity of coverage they receive. Cyclingnews does its best, but there doesn't seem to be much coverage anywhere. Do any of you know of any sites in other languages, French, German, Italian, Spanish, anything, that does a more comprehensive job of covering women's cycling?

The UCI really needs to do more to promote women's cycling. If women could see other women in the sport it would probably get them involved in the men's side as well and thereby creating a bigger audience for the sponsors.

That said, women's cycling teams need to do a better job of appealing to men and women. How often have you ever seen a women's team kit available for sale? Several of my friends have ridden professionally and some of them have even had to buy their own kit. I would have gladly helped out the team's finances by buying some kit given the chance.