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The Hog admits Treks sold on eBay

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Alex Dowsett has tweeted a picture of his new Trek-Livestrong TT bike. It's done out in Radioshack colours. Jeff might also want to check the bikes aren't being passed to Livestrong under "sponsorship" or at an undervalue, and then get flogged with Livestrong(.com) pocketing the cash.
Colm.Murphy said:
I am imagining the conversation, Bruyneel to Trek's liaison to the team:

JB: Hello, Johan here. Well, it appears we need another batch of bikes.

Trek: Another batch? Is there something wrong with the 5 dozen we sent you?

JB: No, it is just that we need more. 3 bikes per rider is just not enough. It just won't do.

Trek: Ok, how many do you need?

JB: I am thinking we need at least another 60 or so. It has become clear that each rider should have a training bike for each day of the week. The allotment we have is barely enough for use on race-day.

Trek: Really? A separate bike for each day of the week? Sounds excessive but I will check and see what I can do.

JB: Good, because we really need to get more bikes. The team's performance and preparation depends on getting these bikes. I can't emphasize enough how the performance of the team is hinging on getting these extra 60 bikes.

Trek: Oh, I see. The performance...got it. Say no more. We'll get them out to ou this week. Anything else we can send?

JB: How about another 30 or 40 Bontrager XXX Carbon wheelsets? You know, for preparation and performance.

Trek: Of course. Should not be an issue. Don't want the team's performance or preparation to suffer. Done.

JB: Thanks. Talk to you in a few weeks.

the truth is funny cos its true..
Jul 17, 2009
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people associated with livestrong u23 have sold a few bikes round here but the buyer has to sign a waiver knowing it was raced......