The "MVP" Mathieu Van der Poel Road Discussion Thread

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This is a good point he makes:

But combining all disciplines has another advantage. "It has something unique, also for the sponsors. That is why I am an ambassador at Canyon. It is rare that a rider can promote a bike in all disciplines. It is good for my market value."

I would love to see him do a big gravel race in the US, they've already got Peter Stetina on Canyon but I bet he'd have fun, probably win, and make a whole new set of fans (and Canyon buyers). No reason at this point for him to commit to the road with a team like Ineos etc...
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Good to see that he still plans to do several mountains bike races ahead of the Tour and the Olympics. However I still wonder if he will shift his attention immediately for the road after the Olympics, to prepare for the road World Championships or will he still race the mountain bike World Championships in late August before turning his sights fully to the road.
What Mathieu Van Der Poel has to do with Ineos? He's not a Grand Tour rider, and he most likely never will be. I didn't noticed Ineos or Jumbo bother him much during the classics. Heck even steppers can't do much when he's in top form.
I didn't say he had anything specific to do with Ineos, but I'm sure at some point, if not already, he will be offered a huge contract from a deep pocketed team that will want him to ride the Tour every year, going for the green jersey or something, and not just parading around France. And maybe not want him to race the Olympics VTT in lieu of a road race.

My point is that at Alpecin-Fenix, he is making the tradeoff of a (likely) lower base salary for flexibility -- but also that that may not be a limiting factor, Canyon might see him the way Specialized saw Sagan a few years ago, as their marquee rider in all disciplines who can sell gravel bikes in the US, CX bikes in BeNeLux, mountain bikes, road bikes etc. Maybe he even does the e-bike WC...and if he grows Canyon sales then the money could come from no need to go to UAE/Ineos etc.
He already is a Canyon ambassador. The reason is he's so successful is being able to switch disciplines......There is always a different motivation throughout the year. Just riding on the road would likely breed boredom/staleness of doing the same thing. The longer he keeps doing what he's doing the better.
In fact, it will be interesting to see how Ineos plan the campaign of Pidcock ; he similarly wants to win 3 different World titles...and has Olympic ambitions.
its the difference with last season, he got ill in Algarve (first race after break) and then there was a covid break. It kinda threw his season around .
Now I think it will be a more regular level during the season.

That being said, even being 'bad' last year still meant finishing top 15 in strade bianchi and msr. I wish I was that bad on a lesser form
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Nov 17, 2020
I don't think so... You had Viviani and Gaviria there, and also Morkov and Richeze are fast guys too...
Viviani hasn't won a single race since leaving DQS and was almost overtaken by Pogacar today. Gaviria was already out of the game after his solo attack and so Richeze. Morkov is a solid lead-out man but it's not the same as going for the wins.
Then yes, MVDP was clearly the fastest guy for me ;)
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Sucks for Alpecin, but the prospect of Mathieu contesting the Omloop is very enticing. Especially considering his seemingly good form.

Question is, is it possible? The organizers already said they’d love to have him there. However, I’m not sure about the quarantine rules and if he can make it...
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