The No Spoilers Thread (aka I'm going to watch the race later, help me out)

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Yeah, hoping he will be back with good quality live streams from TdU (not that I am going to watch it at night, but he keeps the replays which is super cool). Otherwise we must all help each other, not that it should be a big problem tho :p
Re: The No Spoilers Thread (aka I'm going to watch the race

Do you mean that Tiz returned an error message or something when you visited? I just checked and the site seems to be fully functional and have everything from last year up to the end of the year; I don't see any sign that things will be different this year than last. And although still has the message up from last year that they're on hold, they did have that teaser of 'big plans' for 2018. I guess we'll see in a week or so when the TdU rolls around.
Here to ask for a GW replay if it pops up.

So far, steephill has the last 16k, but I'm guessing/hoping the racing was on before that. And I don't want to risk youtubeing a replay and get spoiled with winner's interviews or recaps showing the finish line in the thumbnail.
Anyone knows about a minimum last 20k video of Fleche today? Currently there's just the last 2k on steephill, and since I followed the text updates to approx 25k to go, I think it's worth seing more than the last 2k this year:)