The No Spoilers Thread (aka I'm going to watch the race later, help me out)

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Jun 24, 2013
won't find other coverage as the France tv one on youtube. ASO has taken down all videos that were on there from last couple of years
Apr 4, 2010
Are there any video of the highlights from the Blockhaus stage? Or perhaps even a full stage/full climb video? Help a brother out in times of exams and stress, please!
I don't know if I'm violating any forum rules with this question, and if so please delete my post.

Anyone knows where I can find the full coverage of Eurosport transmission of this Tour to download, for my personal archives? I can only find a portion of the stage on CyclingTorrents, full coverage only of NBC (which I want to avoid because I don't like the on screen graphs) and Teledeporte (last case scenario, that we'll do it because I can understand spanish well, but for coherence I would like to keep all my files on English and on Eurosport).
Sep 7, 2015
Does anyone have a link for the final km of GP Quebec, please? I am afraid of looking at youtube for spoilers
Does anyone have a link for the Worlds Men's Road Race? I can only find the last km or so. Already annoyed enough that a YT search gave me a vid with the winner's name! But at least I don't yet know how it panned out. Thanks.

Edit to add: pls disregard - I finally found one on Tiz... I wish I had waited longer before searching YT, then I wouldn't have accidentally seen the winner's name in virtually bright flashing lights, though I did wait about 12 hours, usually that's more than ample!