The No Spoilers Thread (aka I'm going to watch the race later, help me out)

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Re: Full Giro coverage without any spoilers!!!!

Netserk said:
I just found out that if you watch the full coverage from rai via steephill, there won't be any spoiler as it just shows the player, so the stage winner's name isn't there! :)

So from this post I will link to full coverage of all Giro stages without a single spoiler and completely legit/legal too!

Stage 1:
Stage 2:
Stage 3:
Stage 4:
Stage 5:
Stage 6:
Stage 7:
Stage 8:
Stage 9:
Stage 10:
Stage 11:
Stage 12:
Stage 13:
Stage 14:
Stage 15:
Stage 16:
Stage 17:
Stage 18:
Stage 19:
Stage 20:
Stage 21:

Just note that you might be unable to watch the most recent stage immediately. I can watch the first three stages without any problem, but the player won't start with the stage today. It was the same yesterday for me, so later today or tomorrow today's stage should be fully working.

edit: As predicted the stage 4 link works perfectly now. However for some reason it doesn't contain the first 40km :(
Final update done. Full rai coverage of all Giro stages. Let's hope they will be accessible for a while.
Re: Re:

Arnout said:
jens_attacks said:
I want the prologue plz until i fall asleep
The last hour without spoilers
Can't really find a Youtube, but here's NOS coverage:

Final ~2 hours is uninterrupted coverage. I tested it with a German proxy so it should work fine if you're not in the Netherlands (I don't expect this to last to be honest), but finding Dutch proxies should be easy too.
It was the same last year. No proxy will be needed at any point during the Tour, I think.

Edit: Just checked, with a Danish IP I have access to the whole NOS coverage of the Tour from last year.
Until ASO finds out at some point, though luckily they don't seem to mind as much as for example FOM or FIFA (it's probably more to do with resources).

During weekdays I might posts these links too, but I can't guarantee anything. They should be easy to find, as long as you stay in that site environment it should be pretty spoilerfree (though again no guarantees, so waiting for links is more reliable if you absolutely don't want to get spoilered).

The on-demand service is the best and only good thing about our public broadcaster. It amazes me how well it works considering how shitty the rest of it is, though the quality could've been higher.