The No Spoilers Thread (aka I'm going to watch the race later, help me out)

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Ruudz0r said:
Anyone has a video from the full coverage of todays stage in PN?

I watched the last 20km (which were exciting but I wish I'd watched the last 60km) on this link - the same guy who posted lots of good coverage last year, but I guess he has his own site to avoid issues on youtube. I couldn't find anything more substantial. Steephill has a link to full coverage that's geo-restricted to Belgium so if you have a proxy you can maybe watch that.
Aug 4, 2010

Jspear said:
I will post a longer one if I find it, but I'm not the best at finding vid's.
Where is Netserk when we need him :D

(I cant connect with him on twi,Im afraid of spoilers)