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The official Great Bauke Mollema thread

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SafeBet said:
Result aside, is this his best ever performance in a GT? The way he handled the third week really surprised me, I thought he was going to crack badly either on Tuesday or today.
His best was obviously the Tour 2016. Still think he would have podiumed without that crash. But true, he didn't look good at some days this Giro, but still he was able to fight and limit the losses. Also his climbing style can be quite deceiving as we know, but i doubt that there is a better fighter (or someone being able / wanting to go deeper) than him.
It was a good change of environment to go to Trek. TGBM has become a more complete rider on Trek, i.e. improving his time trial a lot. In short stage races he's always among my top 5 favourites. As a GT-rider, he cannot reach the exceptional levels of the best climbers in the world, and thus always relies on his consistency through 3 weeks. I agree with others, that this a thing to respect, when a rider knows his limitations and rides according to them. The only thing to dislike about Mollema is his terrible style on the bike.

Yea I have nothing against the guy and I normally don't care about how any of the pros ride their bike but from a stylistic standpoint Mollema really takes the cake when it comes to how incapable a pro-rider can look. How anyone on his level really ride like that really beats me.

Anyone with more memes up their sleeves?
quite sneakily a good career for somebody with:
-Above average punch, but not as explosive as a real classic contender
-Above average climbing, but not as much as a pure climber
-Above average TT, but not like a Dennis, Dumoulin or Froome
-Decent sprint, but nothing like Valverde

Still wins L'Avenir (u23), San Sebastian, Lombardia, Tour stage, Vuelta stage and a bunch of smaller one day and stage wins + world and euro champ TTT. As well as podium Vuelta, top 5 Giro and top 6 Tour. While possibly losing an even better placing in the Tour due to a fall..