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The Politics of Cycling

I believe that I understand and appreciate the changes in the format here at Cycling News Forum. The new incarnation compartmentalizes categories and gives everyone an opportunity to be heard on a variety of issues. The previous format was being over run by divisive issues, and controversial current events.

You must acknowledge however that the opinions and arguments espoused there were far better conceived and expressed than what I am seeing in threads dedicated to opinions on subjects as varied as your favorite Pro Kit.

I suggest that Cycling News dedicate a Forum category to the political and controversial issues of the day (WADA, UCI, ASO, Blood Passports). I would further suggest that you maintain reader polls on these most controversial issues to see where your readership really stands on some of those topics. I believe it may surprise us all to find out where those less inclined to pontificate really stand.

For those of us who do like to get scrappy on a controversial topic; you will have corralled us all into one corner of the Forum where we can mince words and opinions without driving those more inclined to comment about Shimano vs Campi off the site completely.

I for one would rather use my limited amount of time here concerned with, and in debate about, the issues that threaten the future cycling as we know it. Not that these issues are more important than my favorite Team Kit (Garmin / Chipotle), they just seem to be the preference of some of our more articulate contributors.

I hope Cycling News will consider this request, and if not act upon it directly, then comment with your reasons and concerns. I look forward to thoughts, and possible forum discussion on this matter.
Mar 19, 2009
Who is VeloFidelis, and how come he doesn't post at all when he obviously has so much to say?:

His reputation is expanding..... faster than the universe.

He once had an awkward moment..... just to see how it feels.

He lives vicariously .......through himself.

He is....the most interesting man in the world.