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The real Tennis thread.

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haha, my favorite topic again.

The nATPba.

For me Del Potro, for that brief period of time (2009) before injuries *** him up, offered the best combination of otherworldly height, and strong tennis skills. Maybe Medvedev is similar today, hard to judge, but Del Potro at 2009 RG and then smashing past prime Fed and Nadal at the USO, is still the standard bearer.
Del Potro is a very interesting case, but tall tennis players are definitely more favored by a lean build, and I think Del Potro is one of those guys that as he grew into his body, filled out too much. I think Roddick had a similar issue imo. His athletic peak was super early and after he filled out he just got slower.

Medvedev is definitely one of the best movers I've seen at 198, but technically I don't see it. His game has tremendous gatekeeper potential to me much more than Slam champ/#1 potential, but then again the 90s players are so bad as a group Med might as will win a huge amount.

The most ideal physique in tennis imo is still Gael Monfils but he's technically so much worse than the guys he's competing against he needs all of that physicality to make up for his weaknesses rather than winning Slams with it.
Meanwhile, Medvedev wins St. Petersburg 250.

I guess he had to win it cause the Russians wanna see him Putin in best effort, but it's turning his fall schedule into clusterfuck.

He's got 1 week off, then he's scheduled for 5 tournaments in 5 weeks. If you can't drop Moskow, drop one of the 500s ffs.
Murray lost his 2nd round to De Minaur after taking the first set. Very clear Murray's condition is really not up to snuff yet. His footwork was nowhere by the end of the match, even if his speed is still good when he finally gets going.

It's just weird to see Murray of all people tee off on balls when he's exhausted in a rally.

Meanwhile the race for the 7 and 8 spot at the WTF is looking super tight between like 6 different players. All of them are playing Beijing, where Thiem is the top seed and probably losing early anyway. Tokyo is much less interesting with only Djokovic playing.
I forgot all about it.

I'm glad actually, I like Thiem.

I must be the blessing of beating Andy Murray. 2 weeks running he loses to the eventual winner.

This ofcourse means ma man Fabio Fognini is gonna beat Murray in R2 of Shanghai before winning the title okay probably not
Fognini beats Murray after they almost had a loud argument which involved Fognini yelling *** while Murray was hitting a volley and Murray shouting at Fognini to STFU lol.

That was before Murray served for the match. Fognini then started goating, broke back and destroyed Murray in the tiebreak.
Can only hope Rafa is fully healhty for the WTF. If he can't play, Djokovic still needs to make the final.

If Nadal plays, there may be scenario's where it's the correct decision for Djokovic to tank his 3rd RR match if he plays last. If Nadal makes the final undefeated and Djokovic wins the tournament, Nadal gets #1, so Djokovic will prefer to play Nadal in the semis.

They should make the Djokovic group play first if Nadal plays the WTF.

Meanwhile, Djokovic cruised past Shapovalov to win Paris-Bercy today. His voice was super hoarse so he was definitely nursing illness despite not losing a set all tournament. Horrendous returning display from Shapovalov. His first serve won him 7 games but he was so out of depth from the baseline it wasn't funny.
Jannik Sinner wins Nextgen finals. Crushes De Minaur in the final.

I'd had my eye on him a little bit, but I didn't see him coming this fast. Easy pace of both wings, can take ball early, great backhand down the line. Slides great.

Will be interesting to see where he ends up next year.