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Teams & Riders The Remco Evenepoel is the next Eddy Merckx thread

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Y oh y of all races are we discussing FW with Remco? ;)

it is probably the least likely race on his schedule that he will perform well.

and no way does he win with only 25 seconds at the base of Huy. No way.

and I was just getting to enjoy Remco as the all-purpose underdog since the haters have been so ardent in their hate that he is now pegged as the second coming of Spilak. Please, I beg you, let that continue.

all I can say about Remco and FW is that he should simply be used exactly as he should have been at the WC. let him go from far out making all the other teams chase like crazy so that Ala can dominate easily. Remco and Ala actually compliment each other perfectly if you are looking for the TEAM to win.

the more I think about it the unpardonable sin of the Belgian team at the WC was putting the team on the front to chase down Remco’s second break group when the gap was still under a minute. Unforgivable! Let the French burn themselves up, make Ala make more of a solo effort to catch the break and now he no longer has the legs to break away. Simply mind-boggling.
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Remco in great form could win Fleche if he goes early on the Mur I believe, even if he is not as explosive as some others. He could tire the others out to the point they cant sprint past him, but he would have to be super-strong that day. I dont think that is too farfetched though. It might/could happen in the future.

Someone like Ala can just have a bad day also.
No, I don't think he can. Only if he get a significant head start which is not going to happen. The likes of Roglic, Pogacar, Valverde, etc will easily give him 5-10 sec in that finishing 300-400 m.
Only way he could win is by going earlier, before the last Mur.
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That seems to be what most people think, but Roche au Faucons could be a problem for Evenepoel, with Pog and others in freak form. The pace will be brutal. I think he'll do better in FW.
I was just having a joke that all things RE must be discussed ad infinitum...and I'm as guilty as anyone. :)

That said, I think LBL suits him better than FW. I think there are more avenues for the win. He did pretty well on the steeps at Lombardy and San Sebastian IIRC. Where in FW he just doesn't have the closing sprint to compete that way, and his only avenue is a long breakaway.

What's the record for abbreviations in a post?
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