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Teams & Riders The Remco Evenepoel is the next Eddy Merckx thread

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classicomano said:
Hes gonna make this a protest ride to the UCI for not allowing him in the U23 ranks and just massacre the entire field in the most humiliating way.

To be fair: a first year junior girl humiliated the girls peloton as well, finishing 6 minutes before them. That should be Remco's goal for today, to beat that.
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Jagartrott said:
classicomano said:
Hes gonna make this a protest ride to the UCI for not allowing him in the U23 ranks and just massacre the entire field in the most humiliating way.
Apparently, he's doing exactly that. Three laps to go, and he has a 5 minute advantage...

Heres a very rare picture of him earlier today with an actual peloton in his wheel.

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Eclipse said:
Dekker_Tifosi said:
cmon UCI just give him u23 dispensation. This doesn't make any sense

It's so stupid

Basically stunting his growth because he's not learning to ride in a bunch or deal with people on a similar phsyical level while at the same time humiliating an entire generation of riders

The rule is stupid to boot, since you're placed in a category, depending on your year of birth. That means Remco is already older now, than many will be when they enter the U23. His birthday is in January, so he'll turn 19 immediately after he can ride in the U23, while other riders that are from December, will just have turned 18 when they enter U23.

The school system works the same way i know, but there it's not uncommon to move a student a year up or down depending on their date of birth, especially when they're ahead or behind.

google translate:

Megatalent Evenepoel will become a professional at Quick-Step from 1 January

Remco Evenepoel will immediately switch from the junior category to the pros of Quick-Step. Evenepoel would normally first rip a year for the team of Axel Merckx, but due to the pressure of other teams, his career is gaining momentum.

The story of Remco Evenepoel is gradually becoming well known: he switched from football to cycling a little more than a year ago and since then has won almost every race where he was at the start. Last week he took the European titles in the time trial and on the road, the latter with almost 10 minutes ahead.

The route from Evenepoel to the pros was also known for a while: first (mandatory) extinguishing the junior category, then a year to the promising team of Axel Merckx and then becoming a professional at Quick-Step.

But that penultimate step is now being skipped. Evenepoel will switch to the Quick-Step professional team from 1 January 2019, a few days before his 19th birthday.


From "Vive le Vélo": (as mentioned earlier in the thread), he was a big fan of Contador, wants to be a GC racer, watches a lot of videos to learn how to attack uphill. He currently weighs 61kg for 171cm. Did a 20 minute test lately, where he pushed 7,4 w/kg. At the Euros he pushed 430w average in the first lap. He lost 9kg since he started cycling, but says there is still margin for improvement in that regard.
Thats just insanity. Doesnt surprise me Sky tried to snatch him, thank god Lefevre got him. According to the article above, he wont even be 19 when he gets on the team next year and he just took cycling up ONE year ago?

I dont know man, this guy is just out of this world. I can't wait to follow him