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Teams & Riders The Remco Evenepoel is the next Eddy Merckx thread

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Should we change the thread title?

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Would be a better Olympics prep, though, as we all know Evenepoel is low-key (or not so low-key) going for the Giro win.

Peaking in May and then again peaking late July - possible for sure, but the 1st peak could be the highest.
I think it's easily possible, but I think the difference is mainly the duration of the peak. And especially a third peak in a season is the hardest to maintain, and probably only good for a week or two of one day races.
Does peaking even exist anymore?
It does. It just no longer deviates 10% from the year round form. I'm starting to wonder how much preperation differs between GTs, one day races and shorter stage races. They're putting out huge W/kgs in February now, and I don't think that means they'll go super much higher in GTs, but this is probably on a shorter, more specific prep for a 20 minute watts bazooka while GTs training may be much more focused on endurance.

Like, Froome has never done anything in one day races, yet when he does explosive hilly stages in GTs he's generally at the better end of it, Valverde won 4 FWs in a row, but when he did Mur de Huy in his best Tour he basically got murdered, etc.
Lefevre doesn't expect him to battle for pink over the course of 3 weeks.

“Hij heeft bergop nog niet getoond wat Egan Bernal en Tadej Pogacar wel al getoond hebben”, eindigt hij. “In de Giro kan hij de volgende stap zetten, maar eerlijk: ik verwacht niet dat hij drie weken lang gaat meedoen voor het roze.”

Hasn't shown in the mountains what Bernal & Pogacar have. He can take a next step in the Giro.
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Apparently in Baloise Belgium Tour (and presumably San Juan & Romandie before that) in 2019, he was riding with a bigger gear in the ITT. After BBT, he followed the advice of the team, and changed to a smaller gear. Looking back, he believes he would have won the BBT ITT (which he lost with 3 seconds). Ever since, he's been riding his ITT's with smaller gears. Of the 4 ITT's he finished since, he's won 3 (Euro, San Juan, Algarve). Only finished 2nd at the WCC.
Nine more days before Remco races again. It seems like a long wait. I hope he's ready when the time comes. Looking forward to it.
Lampaert hinted yesterday in Extra Time that there will be some shifts in the Paris-Nice line-up (if it goes through), but that the classics guys have priority. Meaning Remco in P-N is highly unlikely.
Huh? Remco is also "a classics guy" as he's riding Flèche and Liège is his first big goal. And what would they have him race prior to the Giro then? They would be insane not to put him in PN, given he's prepared to race TA anyway.