The Top 50 Under 23 Riders of 2010

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No surprise about the top-3. Nice to see Kelderman as high as he is.

Also... I guess Quintana's absence can be explained. Yes, he owned Avenir this year, but before that notable result was a 7th in last year's Subida a Urkiola... Which, granted, is very impressive for a 19 year old. And how could anyone have nominated him if those nominations happened before Avenir.

It's kinda like Sicard in their list for 2009.
Jan 11, 2010
Dekker_Tifosi said:
They definately missed out on Quintana then.
Yeah, and what about Talansky? The rating is also a bit random (Slagter in 28th, maybe he should have chosen to do only U23 races rather than taking on Ricco and Scarponi at the Settimana Lombarda :p) but it's an interesting read, so thank you Lupetto & friends!
Jun 22, 2009
The Hitch said:
Very very interesting,

Who will get number 1 this year. I think Henao (9th last year) definately deserves it but i feart it will go to Sagan.

Looking at previous editions they dont always work out.

How on earth did Andy Schleck not make the top 10 in 07 when he came 2nd in a brutal giro, coming 3rd on the Zoncolan.

For those who dont want to go looking through the links here is a quick list of who came first.

04 Dekker
05 Kai Reus
06 Grabovsky (Gesink 2nd)
07 EBH
08 Coen Vermeltfoort
09 Rasmus Guldhammer

Looks like the bias towards Dutch in cycling isnt limited to these forums:rolleyes:
Bauke Mollema appears a few time so maybe he shouldnt be seen as such a joke

Tony Martin appears top 5 in about 3 additions.
meh reus was a huge talent before the crash. Real big shame.
Vermeltfoort was also winnign everything in 2008, and had a stunning year. Heath issues on 09' unfortunately took a year or two from his progress.
Well all Dutch talents find an excuse to suck later on unfortunately.
It's why I have more faith in the eternal numbers 2/3/4/5/6 in the U23 and junior categories than the number 1.

The difference between Dekker and Gesink was that Dekker won a lot more and really dominated. While Gesink was just a climber who once in a while won something. Look how that turned out...
Susan Westemeyer said:
The Top Ten are up:

Nice to have them in english :D

Forget about Quintana. What about Henao? The kid is 22 years old. This is the best thing that Colombia ever had since Luis Herrera. He defeated Sevilla and Rujano in a 2 weeks race full of mounatins where Betancur and Atapuma were racing in avery convincing way?????.

I am ready to bet money on this kid. Anyone?
Escarabajo said:
Puff. Thanks.

Well, he won la Vuelta when he was 22 years old. But now I understand the criteria.:eek:
And as a result he wont have the curse of coming first in this u23 list (looking at the previous winners its always a curse).

Phinney seems destined for good PR wins, MSR wins (perhaps) and holding leaders jerseys in first weeks of grand tous + winning the future time trials.

But Henao has a real real shot at GT wins. I hope to see him deliver. Ive been shouting his name as loud as anyone since he won Vuelta a Colombia.