The twilight zone called Portugal.

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Called it!

Sometimes the most obvious explanation really is the explanation.
This really isn't one that taxed the crystal ball much, though.

A lot of us were very upset by the Guarda show, Amaro was one of the few that we had some hopes for and thought from his junior/espoir times had some actual talent, but when he and Balarcón went on that raid, nobody had their eyes closed anymore.
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No Porco fans now? Curious, I saw so much fan fare everytime the team they sponsored won something in the past years. Wonder if the official ban communications will also be in the museum right beside all the trophies...

The end of W52-Porco as a cycling team is, hopefully, only the beginning. The main "traficantes" (Nuno Gordeiro, Quinta na anilha and Hugo Veloso) are looking at some nice prison sentences (although it's far from certain they'll actually be jailed, the jail time may be suspended) and João "not good enough for WT" Rodrigues looks like he was the main supplier to the riders.

The beginning of the end is now over. Next chapters will be hilarious.
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Apanhado Antunes just lost his 2021 Volta a Portugal making Maurício Merdeira a two time winner now...

He also lost his stage win in Malhão in 2017 and his results in 2015 and 2016 at Volta a Portugal. It's kind of weird that his 2017 and 2020 wins remain, but I'd bet is just a matter of time.

I also think all Porco results from 2021 will be nullified (including Rodrigues win at Algarve) and wouldn't discard the same happening to every 2020 result.

Good times.
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Feb 17, 2017
A big investigative article by the magazine Visao last month. Unfortunately hidden behind paywall. Anybody has the full text? Or if you've read it, is there anything new we haven't heard?