Cycling Gear Thermo jacket for really, really cold days....[SETTLED]

Jun 20, 2021
Hello together,

before I ask my question I want to introduce myself:

I'm female and in an early retirement. I've been cycling at all times but of course I have now more opportunity to do so. I learned cycling from my father when I was aged 5 or 6, I don't know the precise date. It's now over 50 years and I'm still enjoying it. I also swim regularly, 2 times a week, but cycling is my favorite. My bike is - corresponding to my nickname - a Gravel-bike. It's my avatar. :)

To my question:

As you can read in the title I'm searching - already a long time - for an appropiate thermo jacket for cold days. When temperature is near zero or beyond. The jacket must be "wide" enough for other clothes, I'm using the multi-layer-principle. Due to my previous research I found out that special "women" jackets doesn't fit, so I decided to go for men jackets.

To give you an impression, the following links are those I've been looking for:

Sorry for German description, but I think the pictures are sufficient.

Actually I'm using a lined Gore thermo jacket which is very, very old. Luckily it's fitting yet (to my surprise, ha ha) but it's only a question of time when it is broken.

Have you any tips for me?

I have to make you aware that I'm from Germany, but I'm buying online. So a special brand shouldn't be a problem.

TIA for your help and input. :)

Greetings, Gravel-Fan