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Thibaut Pinot discussion thread

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Too late...since '10 I have been following him, though the good, the bad, and the ugly. I thought that last year's Giro was as sad as it would ever get...

Tibopino is better than he's ever been, he has always bounced back, I want to believe that destiny has something special in store for him. Maybe the Gods of sport treat him like they treated Ivanisevic and the big win will be that much more compelling.
So far the closest parallel in tennis is Grigor Dimitrov for me :tearsofjoy:
I am a big Pinot fan. I wanted him to win the TDF like no other this year. His high/triumphant moments are momentous. But his lows . . . omg. Be careful in investing the emotions here. I am just speaking from a fan's perspective--still licking the wounds from stage 19. There will be so much pressure on him in 2020, I'm not sure it's realistic to hope for too much.
His lows are very low indeed, but that just makes his highs so much sweeter.
So we got the route...not designed by Marc Madiot as some suggest :p: outlines are set a couple of years ahead. But there's some wiggle room, and as it is, the '20 TdF route offers Tibopino a great chance to be in the mix: chapeau ASO. Thibaut showed in '19 that he's legit, there was drama, heartbreak, and now a chance for redemption. Great story, marketing, ASO wins.

But who will win this bike race? Can big teams go to work every day, with little sprinters' teams help, due to the demanding route and GC action opportunities? Who will make the most of those opportunities when they present themselves? A healthy Froome has to be the favorite. For Pinot, slaying the dragon would add to the dimension of a win. Roglic? Dumoulin? They may be offered a great Giro route, otherwise they are dangerous. The Yates: one of them may recapture the magic (Simon). Bernal, to me, is the real danger, so Pinot-Bernal bout #2: I want it.

No big day after a day off helps. Grand Colombier via Culoz? Thibaut has won this MTF finish twice, in '11 and last year. From a design standpoint, having the only ITT on Stage 20, uphill in the end, well, that's debatable. But IF Thibaut Pinot gets there with a chance to win, that is the gift from ASO: Tibopino will have done this one fifty times. The whole region will be there, legions of fans roadside, family, neighbors, what a day it can be. France will be on fire (kidding, enough of that). After the tears, more tears, tears of joy. And I'll be crying, and the next day, my birthday for the finish in Paris.

I believe.
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Funny articles, Valentin Midey dominated the local youth cycling scene, out-sprinting all, even winning 22 out of 24 races at age 15, he was Tibopino's nightmare at the time.

He quit racing ten years ago, moved to Thailand to work for his father in law's law firm, got back on the bike on short notice when he saw ads about the race. And he won the ASO's Asia Etape du Tour race, qualifying (with free airfare and perks) for next year's Etape du Tour.

Kinda cool...thought I would share.



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