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This place will be terrible come July

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Francois the Postman said:
Sorry, but I'm back. I have been away from my pc for the period you describe, so I guess that is me told :)

I think it is a combo of more active and effective modding, and an easily excitable one-rider bubble that deflated itself nicely from within over the summer.

I actually thought that July too was very tolerable. Mods stepped up their game just before it, and it seems to have had a real impact. I always think it is a shame that some cycling enthusiasts see their attention diverted away from just enjoying the banter here, and get entangled in dealing with the aggro of others. i usually thank the volunteers at this point who help to keep my pleasure levels up, and then Susan comes in to point out that she is paid. So thanks to all those that chip in their bit, except Susan then.

I never thought to suspect you, but now that you mention it that is an odd coincidence.:cool:
I agree the mods are doing a much better job, almost too good, as sometimes the sharpest tongued posters are the most interesting to read. There is noting like a good foodfight for spectator appeal.