To Mr. LeMond

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Jul 15, 2009
Race Radio said:
Poor Gree, having trouble with the death of the Myth

It finally dawned on him that Santa doesn't exist. Time to attack the postman.

The Many stages of Santa denial:

1. Santa is real.
2. There is absolutely no evidence to say he doesn't exist.
3. The only evidence is hearsay from bitter people who don't get presents anymore.
4. He has brought too much happiness in to children's lives and that's what is important. His existence is not relevant.
5. Dancer, Prancer and Blitzen musn't exist either. Why not talk about them?
6. Maybe he doesn't exist but I'm going to keep on believing in him.
7. Why do you hate Christmas?
8. Well the Postman musn't exist either. You say you don't believe a man comes round once a year to deliver parcels to children. Yet your guy comes round with parcels everyday. Not Possible.
slowspoke said:
Silence is golden. As is the ignore list.
Ignore then deprives you of the ongoing entertainment of seeing the Keepers of the Myth morph through the various stages of denial from week to week in an attempt to convince themselves that they still have some relevance. Latest few denial stages from the past week or so;

-"Sponsors will still stick by Armstrong, just like they did with Tiger." (buzzzzttt, wrong)

-"They can't hurt him financially, he's too wealthy." (lawsuits starting to mount, give it a couple of years)

- "Please God, don't let Lemond regain his prominence in the eyes of the general populace for actions both on and off the bike." (oops, too late ;))
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