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Teams & Riders Tom Dumoulin discussion thread

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Why on earth did you bump this? He's retired, there is no news. Dutch people reading the forum are getting heart attacks seeing this thread got bumped.

I don't know, just curiousity I guess. I wonder about a lot of riders who have retired, it's just natural. Contador, Valverde, Nibali, etc. A lot of them stay close to cycling still.

I did find some piece of news that someone is writing a book about him which will come out this month in March:

The book will be published in March. Dumoulin did not cooperate. “I’ve talked to Tom many times over the years. I have not experienced that as a great loss. But Tom just stopped. Now is the right time to look back. Together with Jan Janssen and Joop Zoetemelk, he is the only one who has ever won a Grand Tour. So he is really one of the biggest Dutch cyclists ever.”

He finished 21st in the Amsterdam half marathon last weekend. His time was 1:10:04

He's going to be a dad. Congrats!