Tom 'Pidders' Pidcock

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After his win on Saturday, he mentioned having a rest; then Andorra World Cup next week was rumoured. He's also meant to be doing the 2 north America races, end of September/early October - plus the Paris test event.
Always enjoy watching Pidcock in MTB, but that's pretty disappointing for his road season. Probably nothing after parading around the Tour of Britain?
recovered from infected saddle sore, olympic test event today, and then canada and usa world cups the following two weekends, fits nicely into his other commitments in the usa, like last year.

probably indicates a similar cyclo-cross start and season to last year, maybe a little later as doesn't have the rainbows to show off. I think he'll do the worlds this year, although tabor isn't great for him? might be his last opportunity. + he already won strade this year so doesn't need to be in top form early march.
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CX schedule:

X20 Herentals
WC Namur
WC Antwerpen + Mdvp/WvA
WC Gavere + Mdvp/WvA
SP Diegem + Mdvp
WC Hulst + Mdvp/WvA
X2O Koksijde + Mdvp/WvA
WC Zonhoven + Mdvp/WvA?
WC Benidorm + Mdvp/WvA?

bit surprised he's doing so many sand crosses, and not Baal. Had hoped he'd do the nationals for one last time, but must be a ineos camp or something.