Tony Martin Bandwagon thread

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Will Tony Martin reach a Top Ten overall finish at this year's Tour de France

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Feb 25, 2010
gregrowlerson said:

All of this Tony Martin stuff is gold.

Could you imagine a non cycling fan checking out the forum and going, "who the hell is this Tony Martin guy that everyone is speaking about?"

Would there be so many soccer threads about whether Newcastle United is going to finish top 10 in the Enlgish premier league, or F1 threads about whether Michael Schumacher is going to finish top 10 in the world championship, or tennis threads about whether Leyton Hewitt is going to make the 3rd round at Wimbledon?

Anyway, I think it's all classic. Keep the Tony Martin conversation going! And someone will have to create a stage 12 TDF thread, specifically about Tony's performance on the MTF!

meh I've kind of had it with al the Martin stuff
Ryo Hazuki said:

I rest my case, although I really hope martin will be 2nd out of nothing this year and become as strong as ullrich

5:25 one of the most beautiful moments in sports for me right there..
vino and ulle dropping armstrong,half of the people watching le tour fainted...superb moments.

also this monster ride:

i have hopes for martin but to do the stuff ullrich did there is pretty no fuccin chance.
He's still an average climber and will lose minutes on almost all mountain stages, he wont top 10 the this year and will only have a chance with an indurain era route, even then I would bet against it.
Jun 16, 2009
this forum is already out of control and it is two weeks before the tour. I don't envy the mods job even more now with the next 5 weeks of pure madness!
The Hitch said:
First there was TGBM

Now there is TDGM.

Tony "Der Grosse" Martin.

Or would Der Grosse Tony Martin be better?

Lets have a poll to decide:p

At least we never spammed the forum with lots of excessive threads dedicated to our heroes..... Hijacking already existing threads is our modus operandi.
Feb 25, 2010