Tour de France 2019 stage 14: Tarbes - Tourmalet 117 km

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Will Alaphilippe lose the maillot jaune tomorrow?

  • Yes

    Votes: 19 22.9%
  • No

    Votes: 64 77.1%

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**** the forum setup though, I couldn't access it the last 6-7 kms - Perhaps SKY can be beaten, but we might see a resurgence by Thomas a la Froome the day after Machucos 2017...

Jagartrott said:
I thought you could see quite early on Thomas wasn't 100%. I cannot believe they didn't exploit that further. I hope they will not come to regret that.
I think they saw that too. Everyone was on the limit though. Nobody had enough to go earlier. If Thomas went that deep today to just hang on. It will surely show tomorrow too.

bob.a.feet said:
I hope stage 10 doesn't haunt Pinot
i think it already is. on the other hand it looks like he's riding with extra motivation. Today was impressive.

I was really surprised that Thomas got dropped.

I cannot explain Alaphilippe except that today was a short stage. Would he have been there after 160 km?

Not to be melodramatic about it but it looks like Bardet and Quintana are no longer legitimate GC contenders. And Adam is clearly not the Yates brother you want.