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Tour de France 2019 stage 17: Pont du Gard > Gap 200 km

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I rode the sentinelle about a month ago. there are a few steep kms where an attacking rider could get a gap, as it were ... maybe 30 seconds max. The descent is not steep, however.

Looking ahead, I did the étape du tour on Sunday. If it’s hot and a few riders crack there will be carnage. The final climb was endless. 34 km or so with one brief descent in the middle. 3 or 4 places where a serious attack could be launched. The complication is that if there’s a headwind coming down from Val Thorens drafting will discourage any solo escapees.
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Salvarani said:
Bardamu said:
What a complete waste of a team Sunweb is. I can't think of a single reason of why Matthews is not in the break. Despite the reason that Visbeek & Spekenbrink are a bunch of losers.

Maybe he just missed it.

yup, it's very possible, same for sagan I guess. Why on earth isn't he there that's a mystery, especially if oss and postlberger are there.