Tour de France 2020 | Stage 10 (Ile d’Oleron / Le Chateau d’Oleron) – Île de Ré / Saint-Martin-de-Ré, 168,5 km

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Tony: Hey Guys, everyone gather around. After today I think it is imperative that we make the racing as exciting as possible.

Someone from Astana: What happened to your love of neutralising? We thought that any big announcement from you would be a change in nationality to Swiss.

Tony: No. I still like to take it upon myself to make decisions. Decisions that are never questioned. Who do you think told big Tom to attack needlessly on stage eight? But not all of us are big Tom, which is kind of what I wanted to discuss.

Peloton: Please continue, mein fuhrer.

Tony: When we race like we did today, all they want to talk about is our penis. We must have them discuss only the race! Our mighty cycling race!

Sam: I couldn’t agree more.

Tom: To be small, to be small.

George: Nothing to fear Tony. Tomorrow all of us at Jumbo will put the hammer down!

Sepp: But there is no steep mountain top finish tomorrow. Do we really have to?

Wout: Shut up Sepp. Nobody likes Anglo Saxons. And you are a good rider, but like the black album, you are overrated.

Thibaut: Sorry, I know how much of a nice, likeable guy I am, but no. I want them to discuss anything but the race! Tomorrow I shall rise to the occasion! And crash like nobody has ever crashed before! Tomorrow I shall put the hammer up!

Some red faced Dane: Make sure you take photos. Asking for a friend.

Stefan Kung (Fu Panda): For Cille?

Some red faced Dane: No, not for Cille. She is however, concerned about Thibaut’s uterus, and would like to give him a hug.
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"Initially, I didn't really plan to go on the attack today," Küng said, "but Michael Schär wrote me a text message and asked me: 'what do you think? Should we try'? A day like today was supposed to be very nervous. We did not have a rider for the GC, nor a sprinter, so I was like 'why not, it's going to be a less stressful day if you're in front than if you're in the peloton'."

I did not know they actually do it like this.
Weren't you the one talking about their WhatsApp group? :p
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