Tour de France 2020 | Stage 12 (Chauvigny - Sarran, 218 km)

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Lol, Jungels really only was there to go all out to prevent Sagan from getting points at the finish :D
Did his job.

Schachmann and Soler are doing a good job of keeping Hirschi just in sight.

And if you're working in that 2nd group, you're towing the other Sunweb riders (Roche, Kragh and Benoot) up to him.

Devenyns and Alaf attacking from the main group now.
Not sure Hirschi is even trying to win the stage with this tbh he'd be very close to KOM if he takes this right?
If he just wanted KOM points there are easier ways to go about it. This is designed to get him a stage win, but the problem is that he now has Alaphilipp on the chase.

Also, they said earlier there weren't enough points available today for anyone to catch Cosnefroy.
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