Tour de France 2020 | Stage 3 (Nice - Sisteron, 198 km)

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If you are leading the sprint and it's a dead straight road, there is absolutely no good reason to divert from your line, unless you see the wind is e.g. coming from the left (if so you make sure you end up to the right). Bennet didn't divert until he saw Ewan coming. He even looked twice under his shoulder: at 14s and at 17s in the clip. At 14 s, he looked to see if someone was coming. He saw Ewan in his wheel.
At 17s, he looked again to ascertain himself that Ewan was coming on his left. From that moment, he started diverting to the left. Honestly, if you have done some racing and some sprints, you know what Bennet was doing. His intentions were no different than Groenewegen's intentions to block an upcoming sprinter.