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Tour de France Tour de France 2021, Stage 10: Albertville – Valence, 190.7 km

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Imagine if Cav ties or breaks the Merckx record in Paris
Merckx two weeks from now:

Colbrelli might be better in the Intermediates where it's just a few riders but Matthews has been much better in every bunch sprint so far

Sure, I don't expect him to be better than Matthews in this kind of finish, but 17th is clearly not a true representation of his level either.
Cavendish is a bit lucky that the two of them are hurting each other's chances, but that should obviously not take anything away from his own great performances.
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Philipsen and Bouhanni got a little close and personal in that sprint.

I suspect Ewan is rueing his error watching this from home, but all this talk about him taking 6 stages if he'd have stayed upright are a little silly. As Red Rick mentioned, van Aert won two stages last year and can't get close to Cav this Tour. Cav didn't look too far off Bennett and Scheldeprijs and has taken a few steps forward since then, so he'd probably have given Bennett a run for his money in the hypothetical scenario that they are at the Tour in different teams.

The somewhat weakened field doesn't diminish from what is an incredible performance in what could be a history-making Tour for Cav.