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Tour de France Tour de France 2021, Stage 18: Pau – Luz Ardiden, 129.7 km

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I thought Poels would have attacked on the beginning of this climb, especially since Bahrain were riding earlier.

He will not likely get any points on the final climb today now so you would think that he really needs to go for maximum points on the Tourmalet in the hope that someone attacks from the front of the peloton in an attempt to win the stage and take the 40/30 points away from Pogacar.
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That hairpin does feel about 12%. It nearly ruined me.
A few climbs so far they've had the gradient of each group up on the screen at times and they were all 12% or more on each occasion. Maybe every group is always in a hairpin... It's really just childish, but if they think double digit gradients are so impressive you'd think they'd find some more interesting climbs to actually provide them.