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Tour de France Tour de France 2021, Stage 20: Libourne – Saint-Émilion, 30.8 km (ITT)

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Are you talking in general, or specifically the Bordeaux area?

I live in wine country. Some winemakers do the whole process themselves from root to bottle, but it’s a big operation to do all that. Small makers will contract out parts of the process; you can hire someone to do pretty much any single stage of it.

Some makers here charge a premium for “Estate grown” wines, rather than wine made with fruit from their back-of-beyonds vineyards, or that they’ve bought in from other growers.
It's a broad topic.
There's the protected area (if that's the term), then there's the brand name, etc., etc.
That's why I was wondering about the economic model behind the production.
It takes time to market the product and reach appropriate value, so I assumed there are different kinds of arrangements in circulation.
Intrigued me mostly 'cause of our collective model history and more recent trends.
Interesting seeing these guys sitting on the “on deck” bench chatting briefly with each other. Other than simple pleasantries, after three weeks I can imagine the conversations consisting of: “Where do you hurt the most?” . . . “For me, here, here, and here, what about you?” :)