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Tour de France Tour de France 2021, Stage 4: Redon - Fougères, 150.4 km

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Isn't Rackham French...? He probably knows what French towns look like... ;)

Not native French but I've been here since I was a kid (I'm English).

And yeah, I know French towns/roads/cities like the back of my hand & the Tour has (IMO) been on a sort of scenic detour for a few years now onto rural country roads which are not ideal for a peloton riding full speed into a sprint finish.

It could be for xyz reasons (economic, political or maybe just Prudhomme's obsession with finding road novelty where none is needed), but yesterday I knew that would end badly for a whole bunch of riders when the Eurosport commentators were talking about the turn onto narrow twisty roads for the final 18km.

I mean who the hell thinks that's a good idea with 180 riders jostling for position? Today's stage 4 could end the same way today looking at that profile (i.e. GC guys thrown into a crash lottery). As a spectator & cycling fan, I'm just sitting there waiting for the inevitable. IMO road planning needs to seriously take into consideration the nature of the stage, i.e. sprints = bunched peloton for final = speed = danger.

This country has loads & loads of wide roads (& straight boulevards in major cities). Ergo if it's a sprint stage, send the peloton onto the appropriate terrain.

I'm even thinking if these guys weren't wearing helmets, there's no way the ASO would create the stage profiles we're seeing.
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