Tour de France Tour de France 2022: Stage 1 (Copenhagen – Copenhagen, 13.2k/ITT)

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Vingegaard = Wingfarm (english)
Vinge = wing
gaard = farm
Useally how it is with these surnames.
all these "gaard" ending Kirkegaard, Østergaard, Nørregaard, Vingegaard etc etc.
"gaard" = "gård" meaning farm in danish, so more or less means a person from that farm (old danish)

same with "sen" ending surnames like Madsen, Rasmussen, Olsen, Christensen, Kristiansen, Andersen, Nielsen, Sorensen, Larsen, Jorgensen, Pedersen, Petersen, Kristensen, Poulsen, Mortensen, Johansen, Carlsen, Frederiksen and you can add like many many more, useally danish firstnames with an added "sen"
is down to the aspect of danish "søn/sen" or in English "son" = "sen" so Nielsen is referring to the "son" of Niels.

Quite old nation, also the oldest on the globe, when it comes to national flags, where the flag of Denmark is the oldest on the globe..
also, the oldest kingdom, dating back to the year 500. (Cosmography Revanna Italy) but a huge part of Europe was part of the kingdom of Denmark a millennium back, also most part of England, back when England was called Danelaw.

wicked that we now have 6 man inside 2 sec. / tight in these conditions.
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