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Tour de France Tour de France 2022: Stage 1 (Copenhagen – Copenhagen, 13.2k/ITT)

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The spectators were fantastic, so packed along the way & cheerful on every single rider..even in these wet conditions.
It was a lot of talk about TDF or Formula1.. though would have loved to see Formula1 on this inner Copenhagen city track.
and would have been nice with a Formula1 race in Scandinavia.
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He didn't. Water doesn't dry up moments after it stops raining.

The track was still wet, but not flooded like between 4.30 and 5.30 pm. That makes a huge difference, especially in the turns. But to a lesser extent also on a straight road. Pure physics and hydraulics. Strange that you don't know. The various news sites are already queuing up to take over your comment:p
In addition, you will be able to read in various news sites that the wind had turned at the end, so the last kilometers were tailwind. That explains the fantastic second half of Lampaert even more.
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So just how thermonuclear was Pogi, today? Arguments for and against ... For: (1) Beats Roglic by 9 seconds. Against: (1) Only beats Yates by 16 seconds. For: (2) Faster than Ganna. Against: (2) Slower than Lampaert. For/Against recalibration: Just 10 seconds faster than Mollema ... or, 10 seconds faster than the Dutch TT champion.
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Interesting new format to ITT prologue ? I always thought the defending tour champion started last ? Special treatment for Poga already ?
I'm not sure about the history of the rules, but it looks like it's just the team of the defending champion that has to start last. We should be glad Pogacar wasn't forced to start last or he would have taken 30s already.
Interesting new format to ITT prologue ? I always thought the defending tour champion started last ? Special treatment for Poga already ?
The defending champion's team will by convention start last, but they can put their riders in any order they want. If starting last would be disadvantageous (for example if rain is forecast) it would be unfair to allow all other teams to put their GC favourites at the optimal time and make the defending champion ride in worse conditions. By convention in 'normal' conditions going at the end, when they have the full frame of reference of what the target time is and can avoid the worst of the sun, is advantageous and so is defending champions' privilege, but it is not always the case so it is at the teams' discretion.

Like a lot of teams, UAE felt that conditions would worsen so had Pogi go earlier on, however the weather in fact eased off and meant riders starting late on had better conditions.
Congratulations to Yves Lampaert for winning the opening stage and taking yellow.

Was a nice stage to watch and as suspected much more technical (with or without the weather involved). Too bad for Bissi and Laporte. For such a short TT i must say that the differences in GC are already huge. Pogi did a bit better then i expected in regards to Rogla. Rogla likely rode rather reserved in the second half. But in the end i am OK with his performance. Tratnik said he is happy with the result. Moho said he lost 3s in the first corner and it only got worse after. Mezgec said he only cared about finishing today and they plan to push hard tomorrow for Dylan.

JV would likely be perfectly OK if van Aert took yellow today. As likely they plan to race aggressive in the following days.