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Tour de France Tour de France 2022: Stage 14 (Saint-Étienne – Mende, 192.5k)

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Head of the race (x22)
7 Marc Soler (UAD), 22 Daniel Martinez (IGD), 34 Benoît Cosnefroy (ACT), 42 Felix Großschartner (BOH), 44 Lennard Kämna (BOH), 45 Patrick Konrad (BOH), 65 Gregor Muhlberger (MOV), 73 Simon Geschke (COF), 85 Luis León Sánchez (TBV), 94 Stefan Küng (GFC), 97 Thibaut Pinot (GFC), 124 Louis Meintjes (IWG), 141 Rigoberto Uran (EFE), 143 Alberto Bettiol (EFE), 165 Andreas Kron (LTS), 175 Bauke Mollema (TFS), 176 Quinn Simmons (TFS), 194 Jakob Fuglsang (IPT), 197 Krists Neilands (IPT), 198 Michael Woods (IPT), 201 Michael Matthews (BEX), 211 Franck Bonnamour (BBK)