Tour de France Tour de France 2022: Stage 16 (Carcassonne – Foix, 178.5k)

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Do we think G will attack when ineos have their full team and Pog and JV are on their own, as seems likely if this carries on?
I don’t see how G drops Ving or Pogi. He’s been pure diesel TT’ing up the mountains all Tour, and doing it magnificently… but when Ving and Pogi have massive turbo’s i can’t see him getting a gap. Maybe G has been saving an extra gear or is gaining one relative to the competition in the last week attrition wars… But given how the climbing has been so far I can’t see it
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Soler, for some reason, is always useless for his leader. Can't like this dude.
The guy is clearly sick, maybe relax a bit...

Also, is that one incident in Andorra in 2019 the only thing that has given way for this reputation? The fact that people keep mentioning it doesn't mean that he never works for his leader. But I guess that's the meme generation...
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But will the other teams co-operate after the yellow jersey sent 2 men ahead into the break. At this rate Van Hooydonck will have to drop back shortly if the other teams don't get involved.
I suppose other teams will have to decide if they're racing Vingegaard and Pogacar or are they racing amongst themselves for 3rd. Leaving Vlasov steal time here will make that 3rd spot harder if they don't help out.