Tour de France Tour de France 2022: Stage 2 (Roskilde – Nyborg, 202.2k)

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Transition stages should be about lovely countryside, a breakaway, intermediate sprints, polka points & the final sprint/catching the breakaway. If wind happens, cool, but no one can effectively predict or make echelons happen if the weather doesn't play ball.
In the Tour of Denmark it's the same thing. Every year the organizers talk nonsense about sidewind stages. The fact is that sidewind drama is very rare.

If the organizers use it as a marketing move, the media should take it as such and do their own research (or just use their common sense).
It was scandalous. Making people excited about a race should never be at the cost of the truth. But I have no doubt that the media in this case deliberately ignored the facts and insisted on creating a hype.

The dominating wind directions at the Great Belt bridge don't favor attacks. Basically, a strong north-westernly wind - rare in summers - was the only thing that would have been interesting. The strength of the wind WAS okay on stage 2, but the direction was the common one, thus the wind ruined the chances of drama instead of creating them.

Everybody knew this! For many days, all indications were that there would be no sidewind. And yet the media - especially in Denmark - kept producing stories about the upcoming wind chaos on the Great Belt. Even during the transmission, the commentators talked about it. Although it was evident that the conditions for echelons weren't present. To put it bluntly: They lied to their readers and viewers.
That's what infuriates me too. Five minutes of research to find out this wind was totally to be expected at this time of year. Crosswind was always really unlikely. This was always a publicity stunt and never a move to actually generate good racing. That's also why people saying "not the organizers fault that the wind doesn't work in their favor" are simply wrong. That's like if stage 20 of this years giro had finished on the Fedaia but after an ascent from the western side and people are saying "well surely it's not the organizers fault nothing happened, they did finish on the Fedaia after all".

I hate what they did there and I hate that I fell for it.
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