Tour de La Provence 2020 (2.Pro) - February 13-16

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If Quintana wasn't here all we would be talking about is how fast the Astana boys are going. What they did was impressive taking into account that they have a young pro in Vlasov, and a veteran with Lutsenko who is not a Mount Ventoux type of climber.

The attention was completely diverted.
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You just had to watch how Quintana was pedalling, the consistency of his effort and the speed he was going up Ventoux to understand the greatness of his performance. Never seen him like this since he was battling with Froomey in 2013/2015.
I concur. What I really really liked was the vintage Quintana poker face . . . no sign of any discomfort through the whole attack. I hope he's back to his best for the big one in July.