Tour de la Provence 2021, France, February 11 - February 14

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Okay, I think the explanation of the bonus seconds conundrum is that there are no bonus seconds in the intermediate sprints, and then there is one sprint with 8, 5 and 2 seconds. The riders didn't bother with the sprint.

Okay, Mollema did, but I think he was told by the Roubaix rider that there was no bonus for GC.

Not surprising Trek is the team that doesn't know (if that indeed is the case).

Edit: Or maybe not. Apparently the rule book says otherwise :p I really should just delete this most schizophrenic of posts...
A bit chilly with the sun out in the middle of a random European forest, i always loved the early season aesthetic. Alaph looks to have carried some form through, and hopefully this means Moscon will be allowed his head, racing with point to prove after a quiet last season.
Also the live stream has started on Eurosport player / GCN.
PS: GCN are offering a discount until the end of February.

I'm watching it right now. Good pic. Great Bargain!
However I've been kicked out 3 times in the last 2 hours with 'content not included in your package' error. And I have to logout and log back in because of course it's included. Hopefully they get the kinks worked out.