Tour de l'Avenir 2016, August 20-27

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DNP-Old said:
The French team is too good for this to succeed. Podium and stage win at max for Bernal I'm afraid.
Yes, Gaudu & Ravasi are safe. 3th place is certainly possible with Vanhoucke already struggling and Schlegel not being the best climber. He needs to deal with Costa & Hindley.
Yellow Jersey group at the moment

David Gaudu, Aurélien Paret-Peintre, Nans Peters, Léo Vincent (France), Tao Goeghegan Hart (Grande-Bretagne), Matteo Fabbro, Edward Ravasi (Italie), Artem Nych, Pavel Sivakov (Russie), Adrien Costa (Etats-Unis), Alexander Aranburu, Cristian Rodriguez (Espagne), Michal Schlegel (République Tchèque), Miguel Eduardo Florez (Colombie), Lucas Hamilton, Jai Hindley, Michael Storer (Australie)
So Costa wins the battle of the 19y olds. 4 Firstyears in the top-10 (Costa, Bernal, Vanhoucke & Storer), that's impressive.

A bit disappointed by Bernal & Tao, Gaudu confirmed his massive potential, and Hindley, Storer & Vanhoucke were surprisingly (for me ofc) strong. Great race.

EDIT: Gaudu is also still 19y, but I mean the battle of the 1997 guys.