Tour de l'Avenir 2021 (August 13-22)

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I was cheering for him against the second year Ineos pro. Is it normal for someone with so much relative experience to ride the l'Avenir?
I think riders on professional teams (WT and ProTeam/Pro Conti as was), have only recently been (re ?) admitted: someone else will know better.

But it is unusual (until recently) to sign with one of the top teams at 18. He could still do l'Avenir in 2023.
Biggest surprise for me is Daan Hoole. More a classics and time trial rider and now he finished 9th in GC, better than hyped climbers like Lipowitz for example.
There was so much chaos and crashes on the first few stages that it's hard to say how good he is compared to some of those.
The 6th place on the gc for Martin Messner is a nice result for the Austrian lightweight (he's only 50kg and managed to survive the first few stages without huge time losses).
Zana is out of contract, I guess that a WT team (like Astaná) will try to sign him to see how far he can go.
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