Tour de Romandie, Stage 1: Martigny - Leysin, 172.6km

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dlwssonic said:
it seems like castrovejo has been dropped or something, phinney is in front on the provisional gc timings
Classement du GPM Croisée Mont-Pèlerin (2e cat, km 62,5) 1. Samoilau 2. Brutt 3. Kuachuk 4. Bobridge 5. Phinney
Doubt that. It's just the order in which they went over the mountain prize.
May 21, 2010
news about robert kiserlovski, from the astana website

Since his crash in Biot, last 12th March, while X-rays had revealed nothing abnormal, Robert suffered from back pain that prevented him from sleeping. He has since returned to competition at the Tour of Trentino, where he rode well (5th in the 3rd stage), but at the request of the team doctor, he did an MRI yesterday afternoon at Martigny (Switzerland) just before the prologue of the Tour de Romandie.

This examination revealed a cracked vertebra, the team physician, Simone Uliari said "He crashed a month and a half ago, we already see that the bone is resoldering, but we must avoid he crashes again, because it could be much more serious. It is therefore wiser he gets home, and we hope the Painkillers will help him to sleep. He can still make movements to train, but he should prevent new crashes. "

The Croat has to be the right arm of the leader Roman Kreuziger during the Giro d'Italia 2011, "He really wants to take part in the Giro and showed he has good legs to assist Roman in the mountain stages,"said Team Manager Giuseppe Martinelli. We leave him to rest, what is important is that he reach to sleep and suffers less, we'll take stock with him at the end of this week. "
Robert has left Switzerland this morning and is flying to Croatia.
May 27, 2010
Ryo Hazuki said:
stupidity truly has no boundaries on this forum. you think for real they will finish up front?? :rolleyes:
they should at least try to keep the jersey for as long as possible columbian failure boy
May 5, 2009
auscyclefan94 said:
Good evening all, Once they hit the climbs it will go down.
If Brutt and Samoilau cooperate and there's no wind and not an organised chase, it will be difficult to get them, provided Brutt is still in his spring form and Samoilau at his best. Samoilau was 11th in last year's extremely difficult time trial to the Kronplatz in the Giro, just losing a bit more than a minute on Cadel. So they better watch out and start to chase. Let's hope I'm wrong...
Jun 16, 2009
dlwssonic said:
Dont really like it when a breakaway wins
I think it is in a few teams interests to chase it back. Strange that Euskatel let the break go out by so much. You'd think they would be more organised.