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Tour de Suisse 2017 (10/06 > 18/06/2017)

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TommyGun said:
Vasilis said:
TommyGun said:
wow pictures in the tunnel !!
Just what I was about to say, how'd they manage that?

I heard the Swiss TV used a special technology just to make this possible.

At the exit from the tunnel was some electronic gear - I am guessing a line of sight link for the cameras in the tunnel.

Well done for Spilak, he looked a bit wobbly in places and I thought he might be about to implode but he held on and has gotten the Leaders jersey with 52 secs lead.
After yesterday's stage Špilak said he suffered in the heat and felt better and better as they climbed towards the top of the climb as the temperature was dropping. Today it was different. The temperature at the foot of the climb was sub 20°C and at the top was under 10°C. He felt good from the beginning. In this field he is with Pozzovivo hands down the best climber in on week races. Ion in last 2 years maybe comes close, but still Špilak is ahead if both are on top of their form. I don't know what happened to Pozzovivo today. He hit the wall and it seems the fatigue started to take affect.

Also Špilak, even if he doesn't even try to ride GTs, he has always shown in the past great recovery ability in one week races. He usually starts slow and rides better and better as the race progresses. He has always been at his best in the last two/three stages of the race, which are usually the decisive ones.

Great job today Simon.