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Tour de Suisse 2024, June 9 - 16

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"Bryan you were not favourite here you've beaten Michael Matthews what a surprise!"

Interviewer speaking to Bryan Coquard there, (52 wins).
Commentator must look at Matthews and see Milan ! Matthews long past his best sprinting days but still very competitive for his age. Coquard has been a little underrated even though it took him quite a while to breakthrough. Matthews must be tired of podiums by now. The MSR result and then losing his place at Flanders..............frustrating obviously.
De Lie on his third place -
“My chain flew off, so I'm third. Without bad luck I would have competed for the win," fumed the 22-year-old Belgian in his post-stage interview with Het Nieuwsblad afterwards. “It was a very tough final. It is what it is."

To make matter worse for De Lie, this stage was more than likely his only chance at victory at the 2024 Tour de Suisse, with only mountains and hills to come over the next few days. “Normally, tomorrow's stage is too tough. From now on I will mainly train for the Tour de France and the Belgian championship," he concludes glumly.
Today's stage 3 161.7 km. If De Lie's bike does n't fall apart, he should be in with a chance. Otherwise, the usual suspects as per yesterday.

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