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Tour de Suisse 2024, June 9 - 16

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I wasn't talking specifically about her. Just people in general.

Animals should take better care of their pet humans

Gall's winning easily here. This is like MR finishing 170 or whatever in the opening time trial in 2007.
He was training hard in the Dolomites last week.
Ok, actually it was just a de-load week at home in the Lienzner Dolomiten (technically not real Dolomites) after the Sierra Nevada altitude camp, but close enough.

With how hard this race was on paper before the shortened stage not flying from the start and going all out here might be the sensible approach when you also want to ride for the gc at the Tour.

About Gall's positioning and bike handling skills, what can I say? A former Triathlete, after all...
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